Sunday, March 15, 2009

My lovely Alexaandria

I love my Alexandria so much.. Sometimes I feel I am like fish cant live out of the sea . I cannot live away from Alexandria.. I don't know how people can live in a city without a sea. How can they live without the fresh air of the sea.. The cool breeze from the sea is priceless.. A couple of days ago I had something on my mind so I took my car and drove to a place where I can look aimlessly to the sea and think for a while. Believe me if you have all the problems you imagine all the answers come to your head easily just by gazing to the lovely endless sea. I love going to Montaza I love every single inch of it. The glorious palace , the lovely beaches, the beautiful gardens. I have at least a dozen favorite spots in montazah. Luckily I have a cabin there so I went there all my life since I was a child . Till now this place is like magic to me.
In Alexandria you can take your car and drive along the courniche but when there is no heavy traffic. It is just beautiful and you can go to the other side where you can see the fishermen boats and the citadel of kait bay..And you can drink halabessa there in the winter it's amazing.
I just love my Alexandria specially in winter rainy days.