Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today I went to the cinema . I wanted to see Avatar but I found that it is showing in 2D today . Tomorrow it will start in 3D. So I saw Orphan instead . It is a nice movie I would rate it 7/10. Then I went home and wanted to watch another movie so I watched The final destination. After I finished I saw the number 23. Then at last I saw 3la ganb yasta.. Waw 4 movies in one day that's a record. The number 23 is very good movie too .
I love watching movies realy it's my favorite hobby. I can watch movies all day and never get bored. Am I a movie freak??

I saw Avatar 3D and it is one of the best movies I saw this year. It is realy amazing.


BaTaBeeT said...

well 4 movies in 1 day is way much lower than my record :P

my favorite vacation is : wintee - under the blanket - 5 good movies in a row (sometimes more, my record as far as i remember is more than 9 :D, but 5 now seems reasonable with my working conditions :D)

way to go man !

Ze2red said...

Wow, i'm amazed with 4 movies in one day. you are not a freak i share the same hobby :)

There is even a movie club over my blog if you want to share us the joy.